February 29, 2024
Review of Star Wars IV

Star Wars: A New Hope

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“May the Force be with You….”


Yup, it all started with this. The entire Star Wars Franchise started with this movie. It is an older movie, I get it, but it still is fun. In this movie we begin to learn how the Star Wars universe came to be. Though all the other Star Wars movies are great in my opinion, this one is definitely important.

In this movie we learn that the Empire took over the universe and a small group called the Rebel Alliance is fighting for freedom. They are all lead by Princess Leia. Soon enough though, the rebels are going to get 2 more of their famous leaders, the smuggler Han Solo(and Chewbacca, don’t forget) and the Jedi Luke Skywalker.

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The Rebels are rebelling the empire for freedom, kind of like the Americans did in the  Revolutionary War. Some may agree that it is not right to rebel, but when your Empire blows up entire planets, that is good enough reason for me.

We see lessons of teamwork in this movie. We also learn that you can’t judge somebody by their outward appearance.

The character with the best character in this movie is Ben Kenobi. He is old and wise and treats Luke as his son. He helps him learn the Force. Ben even sacrifices his life.

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Since this is an older movie, there isn’t a lot wrong with this movie. We see some people get hit by a lightsaber and another few get shot with a laser gun. We see some explosions of planets and we see two people get burned and become skeletons.

One character that gets a lot of work on in this movie is Han Solo. In the beginning he is just a guy out for himself. HE just does things for money and that is it. Now, this may be true, but Solo does begin to have a change of heart, and near the end, he is a hero.

We also hear about the Force, which gives the Jedi and Sith power. This makes them be able to move things, choke people, or even mind control them without touching them. We see all of these examples. The Force is said to be an “ancient religion.”

As for language we hear 1 d-m- and possibly 1 h-ll. We also hear  a couple name calling.


This movie is perfect for those of you who enjoy the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. It has a lot of action and shows you how Luke became a Jedi. It also shows you how Han, Chewie, and Leia joined to help destroy a Death Star. This movie is a classic for all sci-fi fans. I have see in at least 3 times myself!

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