February 29, 2024
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone movie review

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

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From growing up since he was eight, Gavin had been a movie star. But, his morals weren’t something to repeat. After a hotel incident one night, he is sentenced to 200 hours of community service, at a choice of a church or a sewage company. Not surprisingly he picks church. Since the lack of money is a problem, he heads back to his home town to stay at his dad’s house. Gavin agrees to stay out of his dad’s way and spends the night.

Early the next morning, he reports for duty and starts working. Later that day, his work gets lighter in his opinion. The church is having a play about Jesus’ life. Although not meeting their standards of being a Christian, Gavin tries out for the part of Jesus. Luckily, he is the best there and gets the part. In fact everything seemed to be going his way. Or was it? Dealing with the Pastor Allen’s daughter, Kelly, is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Especially since Gavin likes her! Most of the ideas Gavin has are exciting, but also dangerous, and unfortunately Kelly doesn’t think he fits Jesus’ character. Will Gavin be able to play the part or will his ego get in the way?

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Although Gavin keeps messing up, the church and Kelly are always forgiving. Pastor Allen is kind to Gavin even though he knows what Gavin has done. Some of Gavin’s church friends help him fit in and feel comfortable.Even though, Gavin went on a job in Los Angeles, he returns after refusing a drink, and get forgiven and welcomed back to the church. At the end, Gavin gets saved and decides to become a real Christian.

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Although most of this in the end changes, there are some issues. We hear a few times Gavin say that he is somber, indicating that before he had been drinking. Halfway we hear Gavin ask his dad how to act with Kelly. When Gavin tells him, he asks in shock, “You didn’t….”. Gavin quickly tells his dad no, and it is the truth. Near the end, someone tries to get Gavin to drink, but he refuses. We do see a character nailed to a cross, but we see him take off nails in the end. He is covered in “red blood” but you can tell it isn’t real.


Overall in my opinion, this is a great movie. I recommend this movie as a family watch as we remember that life is all about Jesus. Please leave a comment on your reaction of the movie.. Enjoy!

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