April 15, 2024
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This movie is based off a true story. Dr. Gosnell was an abortion doctor who was charged with murdering babies by performing an abortion after the legal time. This got Dr. Gosnell into some trouble. Some people believe that this is not a problem of abortion, but it somewhat is. In this movie, you will get the feel of what abortion is like.

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This movie portrays something that is very evil, yet exists in our world. Abortion is talked about multiple times in this movie, and in the end, I hope you will understand the evil and sadness that many feel after watching this movie.

Some of this stuff can gross us out, but it is the truth. This movie, despite it’s unpopularity, needs to be shared so we can spread the pro-life cause.

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This movie does earn its PG-13 rating. I do not recommend anyone watching it that is under 13. Read below to find out why. In the movie, we see many dead baby parts in an abortion clinic. We see feet as well as bags of organs. Baby’s spines being snipped is heard as well as almost seen. If you don’t like blood, I wouldn’t suggest this movie. It has a lot of things that can be nauseating to some people.

The only sexual content seen are that their are women being worked on, and they are on a table, having the babies come out (not shown, but implied).

One of the characters is Catholic in this movie. He is insulted one time for his faith. Also, we see the character do a gesture that Catholics do.

Women are pumped with drugs so that they don’t feel pain. One woman looks at a cop and just stares, obvious that she is drugged.

We hear some harsh language in this movie. I couldn’t believe it . We hear one use of “a–h-le.” “D-m-” and “h-ll” are both used a couple times. We also hear a couple other words as well, but those are mild.


As I said, this movie stands up for the truth. What happens in this movie, to the most part, actually happened, and is still happening today. We need to stand up and support the pro-life cause. We need to stop these killings of innocent babies. Look for pregnancy centers in your area that you can help is one way to help. Another way to help is by supporting these types of movies. Can Alexis prove Dr. Gosnell guilty of killing babies and a woman?

If you are interested in another abortion movie, I suggest Pure Flix’s Unplanned. However, it is rated R, so check our review first.

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