February 29, 2024
Toy Story 4 Movie Review

Toy Story 4

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“Woody, we have a situation…”


Back in 1995, Toy Story rolled into theaters. Since then, the cast has grown and both Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 came out. Woody, Buzz, and the gang have been a hit for years! However, in Toy Story 3, Andy grew all up and all the toys were given to a new owner, Bonnie. Bonnie takes good care of the toys, but she doesn’t play with Woody. Despite not being played with, he follows his conscience to help his kid. This goes as far as protecting a plastic spork that Bonnie made. Bonnie really likes the toy she made, but the toy just wants to be trash, so Woody has to protect Forky, until Forky actually gets away. Will the gang ever find Forky?

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Woody shows loyalty and perseverance. No matter what happens to him, he still pushes on to help Bonnie. He doesn’t want to give up on his kid. Buzz and his friends are there for him when he needs them. He also is seen sacrificing some things that is his. Both Buzz and Woody learn to follow their inner voice, or conscience.

Being a G-rated movie, there is not a lot wrong with this movie. I highly suggest this movie for any age.

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There is not much violent content in this movie, but some kids may be afraid of Benson. We do see two toy’s stuffing.

We hear and see a few sexual references that kids may not catch. At one point, Bo falls on top of Woody. One toy gets ripped in half at the waist. We see the toys head, and Bo says,”I saw your better half outside.”

At one point, we see a grandma in a bath(with plenty of bubbles) and she has a glass of some alcoholic drink next to her. We see two women picking up one kid from school, indicating they are gay. This is sickening that we see this in a G-rated movie meant for kids.

For language we only hear two references. Woody exclaims, “Chutes and Ladders!” Later on, Bonnie’s dad gets upset, and Bonnie’s mom says to Bonnie, “Dad’s going to use some words, so lets go check out the carnival.” We also hear the toys think about framing the dad and sending him to jail.


“To Infinity and Beyond…”

I haven’t seen many G-rated movies come out recently, but this is a great one. This movie concludes the Toy Story saga. I say that they ended it pretty well. I highly recommend this move for the entire family. I hope you choose to watch it! Leave a comment about how you liked the movie.

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