May 24, 2024

The Reason

Pastor Jim went blind. Kaitlyn had an abusive father. Zach’s sister died when she was young. Young Alex has leukemia. The question that’s being asked throughout the movie, and that all these characters are asking is if God is real…

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Enter Kenneth (Alan Powell), a stranger who seems to be doing construction repairs in the hospital where Alex is being treated. He offers to help repair a cross outside of Pastor Jim’s church that had been hit by lightning. When the repair happens almost instantaneously, people begin to wonder just who he is.

Kenneth interacts with all the main characters, encouraging them in their faith, confronting them with their thoughts about God, and providing a bridge between God and the characters.

Some items are telegraphed way in advance– almost to the being a little too on the nose, and yet the main thread does not lend itself to which way it will go almost because of the type of movie this is.

There’s no overt Gospel presentation in the film, but the doctrinal allusions are sound– God is the one that saves, we can do our best, but His plans and reasonings are unknowable. We can’t see the bigger picture, and Heaven is the place where all is made well.

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