April 15, 2024
Yes Man Movie Review

Yes Man


Carl Allen is an introvert that prefers to say no to attending parties, events, or pretty much anything in general. He is more than comfortable just sitting on his couch and watching a movie every night. However, when his best friend gets engaged and he fails to show up to the engagement party, Carl’s friend tells him he needs to shape up or he is going to lose all his friends. Carl decides he will attend a conference which tells him that the only way to experience life to its fullest is to say yes whenever asked a question. Carl decides to give this theory a test and begins to say yes to everything, which can have some really funny, but sometimes bad, consequences.

Ripe Apples

Carl means no ill by saying no in the beginning of the film. He just prefers to be by himself. However, when he realizes that it is hurting his friends he begins to try to do better. And for some time, he does do better. Carl throws his best friend’s fiancé a bridal shower to try to make up for missing the engagement party.

Carl’s friends help Carl when he is in a rough spot. Granted, sometimes they cause him to be in a bad spot, but overall they are there for him when he needs them.

Rotten Apples

There is not much violent content in this film. We see a few people punch each other a few times. We also see Carl’s corpse in a dream, but it is played for laughs. In a movie that Carl is watching, a man is about to saw off his leg, but we do not see this. One man tries to commit suicide, but Carl convinces him to not go through with it.

The sexual content in this film is very prominent. With Carl saying yes to everything, you knew they were going to include some sexual parts. Carl’s neighbor, and elder lady asks if she can “help him release sexually” as payment for helping her with something. Carl is seen in bed moaning as the elder lady is offscreen. No nudity is seen in this scene. A few kisses are seen.

We see Carl’s backside as well as one scene where everyone in the room is naked, we mostly only see people backsides, however we do see one woman’s top for a quick second. We also see one scene in which someone mentions people are touching each other genitals.  In one scene a man and woman go off camera to sleep together.

Carl and his friends are seen drinking too much in two scenes. In one scene, Carl is drunk and gets into a bar fight. In another, he and his friends drink way too many Red Bulls and Carl is seen with way too much energy. We see multiple scenes where alcohol and wine are present, as well as a few bar scenes.

There is a lot of language in this film for a PG-13 film. There are 3 f bombs as well as 5 misuses of Jesus and 4 of Christ. The h word is used 3 times and  the a word is used about the same about of times. GD is used a few times as well. The s word is used 8 times. We also here some other vulgar name calls as well. The language in this film should have made the film R in my opinion.

My Thoughts

Watching Carl always have to say yes was pretty funny in this film until they started including jokes that were not appropriate. I realize that some may think that these were funny, but some of the jokes were not appropriate for a PG-13 movie. I would definitely not show this film to a 13 year old. Therefore, in my opinion this deserves to be rated R.

The message that we need to be open to trying new things is not terrible, but there are things that are definitely not worth trying. However, trying to bungee jump or learn a new language are not bad things to try.


While this film has some funny moments, it definitely is not for teens and should be rated R. The sexual content and the language in this film surprised me.  However, this film is not all bad. For adults, it isn’t a terrible film as Jim Carrey does know how to make audiences laugh. However, I am going to have to rate the film 5/10, because of some of the content in this film. Let us know in the comments your thoughts for this film and if you have any other films that you would like to see on our website!

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