February 29, 2024
Poster for the movie "The Shift"

The Shift (2023)

The Shift

Infinite worlds. Endless choices. One way out.

20231 h 55 min

Kevin travels across worlds to reunite with the love of his life, Molly. When a mysterious individual known only as The Benefactor threatens Kevin’s survival, he fights to return to the world he knows and the woman he loves.

Director Brock Heasley
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Release Date 30 November 2023
Title The Shift
Movie Media Cinema
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Excellent


Kevin Gardner’s life is a mess. His relationship with his wife, Molly, is fractured after they lost their son. He is trying to live day by day until he is involved in a car accident.  Once he wakes up, he meets a man who calls himself the Benefactor. The Benefactor tells him that he isn’t where he think he is and that if Kevin serves the Benefactor as one of his “Shifters,” the Benefactor will give Kevin the life that he always wanted. This all sounds very weird to Kevin, as everyone around the Benefactor is scared. Once he finds out what a “Shifter” is, he begins praying, not knowing what to do. The Benefactor disappears, and Kevin is stranded in this new reality of people who don’t know who he is.

Ripe Apples

This film is mostly based off of the book of Job. There are some changes to fit the science fiction theme, but the film has multiple references to Job through scripture and stories that are told. Kevin truly believes that he is being tested by God. First it was being away from his family, and eventually his health begins to become weaker. However, Kevin continues to do what is right and prays every morning. He never gives up on God and knows that through God all things are possible.

That’s not to say that Kevin gets upset and depressed at some points, but for the most part he does everything he is supposed to, including sacrficing his comfort and life for others. Kevin is constantly seen giving money to the poor doing other good deeds for others.

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The Benefactor
The Benefactor

There is a little bit of violence in this film. We see some menacing cops and they shoot some people. We see some blood from Kevin’s hand and he is shot a few times. A few scenes allude to people getting killed. Some parts of the movie in the alternate universe can seem dark for some viewers. When the Benefactor is on screen, he is particular menacing as he is supposed to be the Devil.

There is no sexual content worth pointing out.

We see a few scenes where people are seen drinking beer, though they do not drink much and decide to go get tea instead.

We hear the p word once  and “darn” a  few times, but there is not much language in this film at all.

My Thoughts

I thought that this film was an amazing Sci-Fi Christian movie. Using Bible stories to make a science fiction movie is not easy, as it’s hard to tell a story from centuries ago and giving it a modern twist. However, this film was able to tell a great story that tied directly into Job. All of the acting was top tier, especially Neal McDonough as the Benefactor. He mastered playing the menacing Benefactor to the point where it sent chills down your spine. I also enjoyed seeing Kevin travel other universes to see other versions of his life. I would have liked to see more universes, but it still overall was a great film.


Overall, this film gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was truly an amazing sci-fi film. If you are a Christian who loves science fiction, this is the movie for you. I love to watch entertaining films that have a lesson behind them, and this film makes you really think. If you were in Kevin’s situation, would you be able to stay strong? I love this film and I hope you will consider watching it in theaters or when it comes to DVD. Let me know in the comments what you thought about the film!

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