February 28, 2024

Top 5 TV Shows for People 13 and Up

FYI- This is based on opinion. The post will tell about the TV show and the bad things in it, but the order is pure opinion. 

The links in the titles are the first seasons of each on Amazon.

#5- MacGyver


My Personal Review

MacGyver is a TV show on a guy who basically can do anything. He is most famous for using his “MacGyver knife.” He always finds a way to solve the problem by using his head. This is a very exciting movie as you are always waiting to see what MacGyver will do to stop the bad guys from winning.
Though it is thrilling, it has a lot of language and sometimes he has a girl which he hangs with. I would let kids 13 and older watch this, and I would definitely not allow a kid 8 or under to see it.

#4- A-Team


My Personal Review

When a group of men are sent to jail for things they didn’t commit, they break out and help others outside the government. These guys are very smart in how they help others. Usually, they win the battles.
Though this movie is entertaining, you have some things to watch out for. There is some language. There is also some people who smoke and others that drink. Other than that, this is a good movie for ages 13 and up.

#3- Get Smart

My Personal Review

Maxwell Smart is an agent of C.O.N.T.R.O.L., an organization that tries to protect the USA from KAOS, a villain organization. Along the way, Smart, with his partner 99, have to stop KAOS’ evil plans. There is one problem, Smart is very clumsy. I think you will enjoy watching Smart crack jokes and doing humorous stunts.
This movie doesn’t have a lot of language, but 99 and Maxwell do have a relationship in which they show affections. There also is some guns firing and killing. Once every season, there is a monster episode. I would allow any kid ages 8 and up to see this.

#2- The Pretender


My Personal Review

Jarod is a Pretender, a person able to become anything that he wants to be. He can be a police man or a lawyer whenever he wants. A company named the Centre captured him to use him for their own purposes. When Jarod got away, he went to help others who are innocent and have problems with the government. He is very funny and has a sense of curiosity.
There is a little language in this movie, especially in the pilot. There is a girl who smokes in the movie regularly. Jarod has no girlfriend, so there isn’t problems there. I would allow kids 7 and up to see this with adult supervision.

#1- The Greatest American Hero


My Personal Review

half apple
Ralph Hinkley is a everyday schoolteacher who one day is given a super suit by aliens. This suit has the ability to fly, be bulletproof, and a whole bunch of different things that he learns along the way. He and his partner, FBI agent Bill Maxwell, and his girlfriend Pam have to fight crime to protect their country.
There is a little bit of language in this movie and since Ralph has a girlfriend, there is some problems with this TV show. Also there are some scenes with people drinking. Overall, I especially enjoy this movie. I think kids 10 and up could be allowed to watch this movie.

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