May 24, 2024
Moon Knight

Marvel’s Disney Plus Shows Ranked (May 2022)

There are five Marvel live-action Disney Plus shows out to date. Ms. Marvel comes out next month, but before it does, here is our ranking of the current shows out to date! We will rank which ones we liked the best and provide a synopsis for each.

Spoiler Warning for all these shows!

1. Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The first series that we rank highest is definitely Marvel’s latest show, Moon Knight. In this series, we see Steven Grant, a gift shop employee experience strange events where he cannot tell what is reality and what is dreams. Eventually he learns that he has a dissociative identity disorder. His dreams aren’t actually dreams as he shares his body with another person named Marc Spector, who happens to be the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Together, Steven and Marc must work together to protect the world from Arthur Harrow, a spiritual leader who wants to unleash the Egyptian god Ammit who would bring destruction to the world.

2. Hawkeye


This series comes second on our list, close to being the first. In this series we meet Kate Bishop. Kate lost her father in the attack on New York and she decided that she wanted to be prepared in case another attack happened so she tried to become a good archer, just like her hero, Hawkeye. However, after an unfortunate turn of events, Kate accidently finds Clint’s Ronin suit that he wore when he killed many people. She puts it on to fight bad guys and to conceal her identity. However, now the criminal underworld thinks that Ronin is back so Hawkeye must find Kate and protect her from these evil people and put an end to his past. Hawkeye and Kate work together to defeat the unknown enemy and put Ronin in the past.

3. Loki


The last time we saw Loki was when he picked up the Tesseract during Avengers: Endgame. He caused the Avengers to have to get the Tesseract at a different point of time. Loki thought that he had successfully escaped. However, soon he gets captured by the TVA, the Time Variance Authority. They say that he made a branch in the sacred timeline since he was not supposed to escape then. They were just going to get rid of Loki until a man named Mobius thinks he can use Loki to capture a variant of Loki who has been killing members of the TVA. Loki agrees to help Mobius, in exchange for his life, but that doesn’t mean the trickster is just going to do as he is told.

4. WandaVision


The last time we saw Wanda she had come back from being dusted away by Thanos. However, she had still killed the one that she loved, Vision. After grieving for a while she had created a hex that brought Vision back to life through magic. Together they have a family but soon they learn that Wanda is holding the people hostage unbeknownst to herself. She must find a way to defeat the villain in the series and set the people of the town free from her magic.

5. Falcon and the Winter Solder

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers gave up his shield to Sam and told Sam he was the new Captain America. However, Sam Wilson does not want to be the next Captain America. He does not believe that he deserves the title or that anyone would accept him as the new Captain America. Therefore, he gives the shield to the government to display. However, a group of terrorists known as the Flag Smashers are causing destruction and Sam and Bucky must work together to get the shield back from the government so that they can defeat the Flag Smashers. However, the government has given the shield to John Walker, who they have named the next Captain America.

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