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Little Auggie is a very normal kid. He loves playing Minecraft and he loves Star Wars.  His favorite subject is science. He has been homeschooled all his life, but now, he has to go to public school. He is just like every other 5th grader boy except that his face doesn’t look normal.
This makes some problems for Auggie. Many kids are mean to him. They act like they are higher than him. They always are putting him down. Auggie could have just gave up, but instead, he kept going, and eventually he makes a friend. Can Auggie survive in a school in which everyone wishes he was never born?

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As I said above, there are a few kids who are nice to Auggie, they understand what it is like to be left alone. They spend time with him and back him up against the bullies. Also, Auggie’s older sister, Via, helps Auggie. She shows some good characteristics of and older sister. When Auggie is depressed, Via comes to comfort him.
There are some good lessons and morals learned in this movie. First of all, we learn that the inside is what matters, not the outside. Also, we learn that we should treat others how we would like to be treated.  Auggie’s family always is supportive to each other,  except in one scene (see below.)

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Although this movie is very inspiring, it has some problems with it. For starters, in one scene, via lies to her parents about her whereabouts. After they find out, the parents and via start yelling. Also, Via lies about her being an only child to one person.

We also see kids be and say mean things to Auggie. They really tear him apart. Also, Auggie and his friend both prepare to go to the bathroom in the woods, but they don’t. Later on there is a burping contest. Also, we see Auggie’s parents say “Let’s get drunk!” They begin to pour glasses of some drink.

As for language, there is 5 uses of the Lord’s name and 1 of Jesus’. Also we hear 2 goshes, 2 s-cks, and 3 shut ups. This makes it a movie that you have to be careful about with children.


I personally enjoyed this movie.  I would say your entire family could see it, but take note that there is some stuff in this movie that should be taken to thought. The language was a lot more than how much I expected there to be. Other than at, it is a great movie.  Below are links to buy or rent it. I hope you enjoy it.  Will Auggie find friends?

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