February 29, 2024
Revenge of the Sith review

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Family Friendliness

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“You were the Chosen One!”


The Sith are losing the war desperately. They are confused one what to do next, but the mysterious Sith Lord that the Jedi have been looking for has a plan to change the fate of the Dark Side.

With Anakin and Padme still secretly married, it is hard for them to decide what they are going to do now that Padme is pregnant. Above all that, Anakin has been promoted to being Chancellor Palpatine’s personal representative in the Jedi Counsel. What Anakin will learn about Palpatine will change the fate of everyone in the Prequel Trilogy.

Ripe Apples

Obi-Wan treats Anakin as his brother. Whenever Anakin falls, he wants to help him, but can’t always. The Jedi are constantly seen giving up their lives to protect the people of the galaxies. Padme also tries to convince Anakin to not do evil, even though he does. The Jedi never purposely kill, however, one Jedi does kill two people. Other Jedi are seen destroying threats to peace, even though they aren’t supposed to kill.

Rotten Apples

Multiple light-saber battles occur. 3 people’s heads are chopped off. One person loses his hand. Many others are stabbed or sliced through, but these are not as intense. We also see one lady get force choked. Many laser gun battles also take place, and fire and explosions accompany them.

Palpatine also gets zapped and his face turns to what it looks like in future Star Wars movies. Another person gets severely burned and loses all his hair. He also loses his legs.

Anakin is seen shirtless in one scene and Padme is in a nightgown. The two sleep in the same bed. Anakin and Padme are secretly married, which is against the Jedi Code. This is all the sexual content for this movie.

No drug content is found in this movie.

The language for this movie is very light. Obi-Wan says in the beginning of the movie, “In the name of.” This is impressive for a Star Wars movie, and helps it be more friendlier.


This is the last movie of the Sequel Trilogy. The trilogy that follows this movie is A New Hope, the beginning of the original trilogy. This movie was very exciting, and the rotten apples are not that bad for a Star Wars film. Though the violent content may be a little bit much for some families, it is not that bad for most teens and adults. I highly recommend this Star Wars movie for your next movie night, though I might watch its prequels, The Clone Wars and The Phantom Menace first.

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