November 29, 2023
24 Redemption

24 Seasons Ranked

There are eight 24 seasons and one final season called 24: Live Another Day. There also is a movie called 24 Redemption. Today we are going to rank these films and series and provide a synopsis for each one. Let us know in the comments what you think of our rankings!

Spoiler Warning!

10. 24: Redemption

24 Redemption

Jack Bauer is now a fugitive of the law as the U.S. government wants to put him on trial for all the things that he did that were against the law. Before they can do that, however, Jack travels to Africa to live in exile. However, there are threats even in Africa as a warlord wants to capture a school of children to make them into his army. The only person who stands in the way of this warlord is the world’s greatest agent, Jack Bauer.

9. 24 Season 6

24 Season 6

After clearing his name, Jack is captured by the Chinese at the end of Season 5. However, after months of being tortured for information he is finally brought back to America to be traded to a man named Fayed. Fayed has been killing people with suitcase nukes, and the only way he will stop is if he gets his hands on Jack Bauer so that he can kill him. Jack and CTU must find a way to diffuse the suitcase nukes and stop the threat.

8. 24 Season 8

24 Season 8

At the beginning of Season 8, Jack finally gets to spend quality time with his daughter and granddaughter as he recovers from being infected with a bioweapon. However, when a source comes to Jack with critical information about a treaty at the UN, Jack must enter the field again to protect the UN members. However, he finds that Russia’s involvement is bigger that originally thought.

7. 24 Season 2

24 Season 2

At the end of Season 1, Jack lost his wife to the mole in his organization. After such horrific events, Jack resigned, saying he could not do his job anymore. However, after the President receives intel that there is a nuclear bomb headed towards Los Angles, NSA wants Jack Bauer to lead against preventing this attack. Jack agrees, and must find the person he once was quickly and find and diffuse the bomb before it is too late.

6. 24 Season 4

24 Season 4

After being forced to kill one of his coworkers, Jack once again leaves CTU and goes to work for the Secretary of Defense, Secretary Heller. He begins to fall in love with Secretary Heller’s daughter, Audrey. He finally believes that he can live a normal life. However, after a train explosion, both Secretary Heller and Audrey are captured by terrorists and Jack must go in alone to save them. But that is only the surface of the threat that is coming for America.

5. 24 Live Another Day

24 Live Another Day

Jack is back in the final installment of the 24 franchise. In this series, Jack must stop a terrorist from using unmanned drones to destroy London. Jack must work with his friends, old and new to protect the President and put an end to the threat. Will Jack live another day, or will this be his last?

4. 24 Season 1

24 Season 1

In this season we meet Jack Bauer, the head at CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). After his daughter is kidnapped, Jack must work to save her from her captors, who happen to be the same people who are trying to assassinate the first African-American that has a chance to become President of the United States. Jack Bauer must fight to save both the lives of the senator and his daughter. Will Jack survive the longest day of his life?

3. 24 Season 3

24 Season 3

Jack is back with CTU and he wants to protect people from terrorist threats because that’s all he thinks he can do now to cope with the pain of losing his wife. When a terrorist organization reveals that they have possession of a virus that can kill people in 24 hours, Jack must go undercover to secure the virus before it is released on the public.

2. 24 Season 5

24 Season 5

At the end of Season 4, according to the public, Jack Bauer was killed in action. However, Jack survived with the help of his friends. However, in the first 20 minutes of Day 5 all the people that knew that Jack was still alive were being killed. The public believes that Jack is the one killing them and Jack must emerge from death to find who was framing him and bring them to justice.

1. 24 Season 7

24 Season 7

At the end of 24: Redemption, Jack returns to the States to answer for his crimes. However, during his trial the FBI calls for Jack asking for his knowledge on a old friend named Tony Almeida, who supposedly died in Season 5. It turns out that he is alive and Jack must fight his friend to stop the threat of a dangerous bioweapon, which actually infects Jack.

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