February 29, 2024

Are Movie Theaters Slowly Going Away?


With streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Paramount Plus getting new releases straight to the streaming service, an interesting question is raised. Are movie theaters going to slowly disappear?

What’s happening with streaming services?

Recently, new TV series and movies are being released directly to streaming services. Obi-Wan Kenobi, the new Rescue Rangers movie, the recent Marvel shows like Moon Knight, are just some examples on Disney Plus of this. This idea first gained traction when the Covid-19 crisis hit the world and people could only watch new content online. The idea became so popular that some companies continue to do it to this day. Disney Plus released Disney Plus Premier Access, which made people pay a fee to watch a new film. However, this option wasn’t a big hit and didn’t last long.

Are theaters in trouble?

A lot of people that I have met have said they go to the theater for the experience. Watching a new film and being able to enjoy it with others as you see the plot unfold excites many moviegoers. However, the theater is very expensive usually for new films. Recently, new films cost about 15 dollars per person for a ticket to a new movie. That’s nearly double what it costs for a month of a streaming service. Now many franchises, like Marvel and Star Wars won’t see any effect with this because fans are dying to see the new film and don’t want to wait so they will immediately go to the theater.

However, despite many fan’s hopes, Star Wars and Marvel won’t be around forever. In the 80s people thought we would get a lot of Jaws movies, but we didn’t. It is only a matter of time before Marvel and Star Wars will have the same fate. After that, the question is, will people still want to pay such expensive prices for a new movie, or will they wait a few months till it come out on a streaming service? The answer depends on how much you want to see the movie. For example, you aren’t going to spend almost 20 bucks on a movie that is one you may want to see but aren’t too crazy about.


At the moment, there is a fine balance between streaming services and theaters, but that can all change in only a few years. Do you think that movie theaters are going to go away or are they here to stay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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