April 15, 2024

The Last Movie Star in Hollywood

The Last Real Movie Star is….

In the past, there have been hundreds of great movie actors that made amazing films. However, with Hollywood declining, there is only one star who viewers view as the last real movie star. Whenever this person is in a movie, viewers around the world know that the film is going to have amazing stunts, great acting, and the best possible story. Of course, this person would be none other than Tom Cruise.

The Master of Stunts

Tom Cruise has had multiple successful franchises and films. From Top Gun to Mission Impossible, Cruise has done amazing things that we get to witness on-screen. Most know that Tom Cruise does his own stunts and has very rarely had a stunt double. In Top Gun: Maverick, Tom was 57 and was flying in a real fighter jet, doing all the maneuvers with a trained professional. At 61 years old, Tom Cruise drove a motorcycle off a cliff and parachuted to safety.

Some of the stunts that Tom has done in the past are death defying, and to some, they seem impossible. However, Tom Cruise always delivers an outstanding performance that audiences just can’t believe. All the stunts that Cruise has done in the past are shot in a way that the audience can feel as if they are experiencing the stunt in real-time.

Let’s Get Dangerous

Not only are the stunts that Cruise does amazing, but with each new film, they continue to get more and more dangerous, which builds suspense for audiences. People go to theaters because they want to see what new stunt Tom Cruise is going to do. And with rumors of Tom Cruise filming a future film in space, the stunts are seemingly only getting better and better.

Iconic Characters

Aside from the stunts that Tom Cruise is able to perform, he is just an amazing actor who can become the character that he is playing. Tom has played a variety of characters, all with different personalities. From Jerry Maguire to Ethan Hunt, Tom is able to emulate a character in a way that most Hollywood actors are not able to do.

Entertaining the Audience

Films that Tom Cruise helps produce usually have an interesting story to tell. Whether it’s drama, science fiction, or a romance film, Tom Cruise wants to entertain the audience by telling an interesting story. Tom loves the movie business and wants to entertain the audience, and that commitment helps him create great movies with intriguing stories.


To some, Tom Cruise is considered the person who saved the film industry after the Covid pandemic. Tom Cruise’s acting style, his love for movies, and his insane stunts make him the last real movie star. The audience loves to watch Cruise’s films because they know they are going to get their money’s worth and have a good time. What is your favorite Tom Cruise film? Let me know in the comments!

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