April 15, 2024
Promises are Meant to be Kept

Promises are Meant to be Kept


In Jurassic World: Dominion, all of the group are ready to get out of the face of danger with a ginormous dinosaur hunting them. However, Owen Grady made a promise to Blue, his pet dinosaur, that he would get her baby back, and Owen intends to keep his promise, no matter what.

Why are Promises so Important?

Owen has the right idea, because keeping promises is really important in our everyday life. Not only is it just important, but it is also biblical. Psalm 89:34 states: “I will not violate my covenant or alter my word that went forth from my lips.” This is basically telling us that once we say something we need to follow through with what we said.

Owen told Blue that he was going to save her baby, therefore he did follow through, even though it put himself in danger. We need to follow this example in our everyday life. Whether its promising to have a quarterly report out by the end of the day or promising to take the trash out after dinner, it is important we follow through what we said we would do. Doing this will grow your trustworthiness with others and people will depend on you. This will increase your responsibility and provide an example for others to follow.

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