April 15, 2024

Never Compromise on your Morals

In the film industry, there are a lot of different genres and roles that an actor can play. And each one of these roles comes with a different set of events that has to be acted out in front of the camera.

However, there are some things that are part of the film that an actor may or may not want to actually act out as it is against their personal morals. There have been multiple examples of this in the past, and today we are going to talk about some of these individuals and their stories.

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough, a well-known actor for his role in “Band of Brothers,” “The Flash,” and more recent films like The Shift, had one condition for any project that he worked on. His one condition was that he would not kiss another woman or do a sex scene. For a while, the writers of the projects he was in were able to write around his condition.

However, after being hired to act in the series “Scoundrels,” he was asked to do a sex scene, but Neal refused. His refusal led him to lose his job. For a while, he was unable to find a job and that led him to lose his house and his car. However, Neal has bounced back and is now starring in new projects such as Left Behind: Rise of the Anti-Christ and The Shift.

Chris Hemsworth

The next actor on this list is much different from Neal McDonough. This actor is Chris Hemsworth, who had an interesting scene in Thor: The Dark World. While Chris has kissed other women in different films, in this particular scene Chris was supposed to kiss his costar, Natalie Portman.

However, Natalie was not there the day they were shooting that scene. So, the director gave Chris a few women that looked like Natalie to choose from to kiss. However, Chris Hemsworth suggested that they have his wife do the scene with him. The director was ok with the idea and in the final scene, Chris Hemsworth kisses his wife.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron has a commitment to his wife that he will only kiss her. However, when he was making the movie Fireproof, the scene required Kirk’s character to kiss the actress playing his wife. However, since Kirk only would kiss his wife, the film crew worked in a way so that the person he was kissing in the scene was actually his wife, helping Kirk keep his morals.

The Key Takeaway

The main takeaway from all of these actors is that you should never compromise on your morals for the sake of your job, money, or your commitment to your spouse. All of these men took a stand to not compromise on what is most important to them. And these three men are not the only men to do so.

These examples should motivate us and remind us that nothing is worth compromising if it is important to you. You may lose money, friends, or other comforts you are accustomed to, but ultimately nothing is more important than staying true to what you believe.

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