April 15, 2024

We just lost a National Treasure

Back in the early 2000s, Disney was releasing many new stories that had new characters that we all loved and adored. We would get some amazing sequels, like Toy Story 2, which brought the characters we loved back for a new adventure.

One of those franchises that I especially liked was the National Treasure series. However, we have received a disappointing update about National Treasure’s future from one of the lead actors.

Recent Developments

The National Treasure series has always been rumored to be getting a third film. A few years ago, there was a rumor that a script had been written, but it had not been green lit by Disney yet. Then, Disney Plus released National Treasure: Edge of History, a new show that was based in the same universe as the films.

While the series was not a success, Justin Bartha did return as Riley Poole, and he hinted that he was working on a project that had “47 different reasons to be interesting.” This gave fans the hope that the third film was going to be about the mysterious page 47 in the Book of Secrets.

Nicolas Cage responds to the rumors

However, in a recent interview with Screen Rant, Nicolas Cage confirmed that there was no development for a third National Treasure film. Nicolas Cage’s response when asked about a third National Treasure film was:

“Here we go! See, you’re the one that brings these things up and they go out and they eclipse everything else. No, there is no National Treasure 3. If you want to find treasure, don’t look at Disney, okay? It’s not there.”

Nicolas Cage during an Interview with Screen Rant

This is especially disappointing news for all National Treasure fans because the hope for another film had been talked about for nearly two decades.

The Bigger Picture

But this news doesn’t just affect National Treasure. Nicolas Cage also said that Disney doesn’t have any treasure. While this is supposed to be directly related to National Treasure, Disney has had a pattern of making films and shows people are interested in. In recent years, Disney has been more worried about making films that fit their agenda, rather than making the films that the audience wants to see.

Twenty years ago, the most important thing for Disney was the audience and wanting to entertain the audience and making good films people wanted to see. However, in more recent years, Disney has shifted to making films that fit their agenda, not what people are interested in seeing. This is exactly what has been causing their recent releases to do terrible at the box office.

Will Disney ever make a National Treasure 3, or are the two movies we have just a part of history? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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