February 28, 2024
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Man of the Year

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Man of the Year

Elections are made to be broken.

20061 h 55 min

The irreverent host of a political satire talk show decides to run for president and expose corruption in Washington. His stunt goes further than he expects when he actually wins the election, but a software engineer suspects that a computer glitch is responsible for his surprising victory.

Director Barry Levinson
Runtime 1 h 55 min
Release Date 9 October 2006
Title Man of the Year
Movie Media
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated


Tom Dobbs is a comedian who loves his job. But what he loves even more than his job, is his country. One night when he is hosting his show someone asks why he doesn’t run for President. Tom laughs the idea off at first, but after a flood of emails in support of him running come in, he decides to run.

After many debates and rallies, election day finally arrives, and Tom doesn’t expect to win since he ran as an Independent and he doesn’t think many people want a comedian as their Commander-in-Chief. However, after the votes are counted, Tom Dobbs wins the election, shocking the world.

Ripe Apples

While all may seem too good to be true, in this election, that may just very well be the case. This is the first election that is using electronic voting machines. After one hard working employee finds that the voting machine actually experienced a glitch, she tries to bring it to her supervisors who instead of listening to her, they try to silence her.

Unable to live with a guilty conscience, she goes to Tom Dobbs and informs him of the glitch. Tom believes her and wants to do the right thing because he wants to make sure that the person who the country voted for actually gets to become President. Throughout the film he is seen making sure that the facts are true and ultimately he steps down from becoming the President since it was not a legit election.

Rotten Apples

There is some violent content in this film. One person is hit by a truck and has to go to the hospital.

There is some jokes about gays and lesbians that are told by Tom in attempt to get some laughs out of his audience. We also see Tom propose to someone he’s never met as a joke. We hear a few different sexual jokes and see some sexual gestures made. A few people kiss. This content is definitely not meant for children to watch.

A few people smoke and we also see one person drugged with a needle that makes her go crazy and act very drunk. Alcohol is consumed at multiple parties.

There is a lot of language in this film, including one  f bomb, which surprised me for a PG-13 movie. We hear the s word multiple times as well as the Lord’s name in vain multiple times as well. A few inappropriate name calls are also heard.


Overall, this film was funny and interesting to watch. I think that Robin Williams and Christopher Walken did a great job in this film playing their characters. I also like that in the end, Tom does the right thing and tells the truth rather than lying like everyone around him was telling him to do. That teaches a good lesson to the audience. However, some of the jokes and language were definitely unnecessary and I am surprised that some of them were allowed in a PG-13 movie. I would not recommend this film to anyone under 18. Let me know your thoughts of this film in the comments below.

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