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Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

There's chaos in you...

20220 h 40 min

Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant, a British gift shop employee. However, Steven has a dissociative identity disorder, which leads him to not be able to tell the difference between his life and dreams. Steven learns of his multiple identities such as Marc Spector, and Mr. Knight. Marc Spector is a Jewish-American mercenary that people fear. As Steven tries to figure out what is going on with himself, he discovers that he is also Moon Knight, the conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

Runtime 0 h 40 min
Release Date 30 March 2022
Title Moon Knight
Movie Media Other
Movie Status Available
Movie Rating Very good
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Spoilers ahead!


Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant, a British gift shop employee. However, Steven has a dissociative identity disorder, which leads him to not be able to tell the difference between his life and dreams. Steven learns of his multiple identities such as Marc Spector, and Mr. Knight. Marc Spector is a Jewish-American mercenary that people fear. As Steven tries to figure out what is going on with himself, he discovers that he is also Moon Knight, the conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Moon Knight must fight to protect the people and deliver justice. Arthur Harrow, the villain of the series, is a cult leader related to the god Ammit. Arthur sees Steven/ Moon Knight as a threat to his quest to “heal” the world. Will Moon Knight be able to stop Arthur, or will the cult leader accomplish his mission?

Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

In the first episode of Moon Knight we meet Steven Grant. Steven is a museum worker who loves his job and wishes to be a tour guide someday. However, Steven experiences blackouts and has memories that he believes are dreams, when they are in fact actually reality. Steven also is experiencing a voice in his head that he does not recognize. As the episode goes on, we see Steven struggle for a normal life until a cult leader by the name of Arthur Harrow finds him and tells him to hand over an ancient artifact. From there, we learn part of who Steven Grant truly is, the hero known as Moon knight.

Steven Grant is a normal individual who just wants to make the best of his life. He is overall a good guy. We see that he has a great enthusiasm for history. The audience quickly realizes however that he is not a ordinary man, as he continuously has blackouts and is unable to tell the difference between life and dreams.

The violence in this episode consists of one car chase, which involves cars crashing into each other and glass breaking. We also see some shooting and blood. Steven’s teeth are very bloody and we hear bones crack in one scene. We also see a jackal creature that tries to attack and chase Steven before it is defeated.  We also see one woman turn into a mummy as she is killed by a god. Steven comments on how mummies are preserved by putting a hook in a body to pull out all the organs but the heart.

We hear of a lot of Egyptian mythology explained by Arthur and Steven. The moon god talks to Steven and we see him in one scene. Arthur also calls upon a god as well. Arthur says that he is trying to make heaven on earth as much as possible

We see one scene in which a woman raises her middle finger and Steven comments “charming.” We also hear Steven comment on his fish and he says “What the..” and the scene cuts to another scene and says “fish”. We hear a few words such as hell and damn. There are only about 3 words in this episode, however.

Episode 2: Summon the Suit

Steven is back in a brand new episode! After the events of the previous episode Steven wants to know more about what happened.  He goes to watch the museum’s video footage but finds that no one else can see the jackal, so he loses his job for “vandalizing a toliet.”

Later on, Steven tries to communicate with Marc and learns more about his second life. We also see Arthur Harrow tell Steven more about his grand mission to bring heaven on earth.  When Steven doesn’t agree, a jackal is summoned and Moon Knight must defeat the jackal. At the end of the fight, however, Marc learns that he has lost the scarab,  the compass to Ammit’s tomb, now in the possession of Arthur. Marc must return to Egypt to get it back.

Steven doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he even says he’ll put himself in jail if it’ll help protect other people. He is a really good guy and wants to protect people and stand by his good morals.

We hear some more talk about Egyptian gods from Arthur and is big mission. We also see Khonshu on scene now and he looks creepy for some. Arthur explains that Ammit judges people before they do wrong and Khonshu waits till after. Arthur believes that that is too long. Steven, however beliefs that people are innocent until they do something that makes them guilty.  He makes a big deal about babies and says they shouldn’t be killed and he a draws a line at child murder.

The violence in this episode is similar to the last one. Moon Knight fights these jackal creatures and one of them gets stabbed one scene. We don’t really see any blood in this scene but the fight between Moon Knight and the jackal is quite detailed as both throw punches and kicks. The jackal tries to choke Moon Knight.

There is little sexual content is this episode other than a man grips a woman’s stomach while driving and finds out she’s his wife. We also see Steven shirtless.

The only drug content in this episode is when Moon Knight is fighting a invisible ghost people around him say he’s drunk

In this episode we hear 3 uses of “sh–“. We also hear about 5 uses of the word “hell.” We also hear a few uses of the Lord’s name in vain. “D-mn” is used like once and bloody is used 3 to 5 times

Episode 3: The Friendly Type

Marc Spector is back in a new episode of Moon Knight!  At the end of the last episode, Marc lost the scarab and Arthur found it. In the beginning of this episode Arthur is seen using the scarab to find Ammit’s tomb to set her free. Meanwhile Marc is tracking Arthur, but Steven keeps getting in the way.

Since Marc lost the scarab, he has to find another way to find where Ammit’s tomb is. His first idea was to track Arthur by finding his followers and convincing them to talk. However, when that fails, Marc suggests that they call to the other gods for help. Khonshu reluctantly agrees, and they summon the gods to put Arthur on trial. The gods, however, find that Arthur has not done anything  that is worthy of convicting him with conspiring to release Ammit, and the gods dismiss Marc and Khonshu. After a failed attempt asking the gods for help, Marc and Layla must go find a sarcophagus that will lead them to the tomb. But finding the tomb will prove more difficult than they originally thought…

The violence in this episode is a little bit more prominent in this episode as Moon Knight is not only fighting mystical jackals, but actual humans as well. When the episode first opens up we see Marc fighting a bunch of people just as himself. This scene includes a lot of punching and fighting with knives. A few people get stabbed with knives and we see a lot of blood. We also see Moon knight get stabbed with many spears in one scene, but no blood is seen. We also see Moon Knight throw a weapon like a bat-a-rang at many of his foes which dig into their skin and cause them to fall over injured.

There is not a lot of sexual content in this episode. We see Marc shirtless in one scene.

The spiritual content in this episode is more than the previous episodes. I felt that this episode was more about Khonshu than Moon Knight as we have seen in this episode that other avatars come and the Egyptian gods talk to Khonshu. We see the other gods play a heavy part when Marc and Khonshu begin to change things. The episode clearly wants to make the viewer believe that these gods are real in this universe.

We see Marc drinking some unknown alcoholic drink.

We hear a fair amount of language in this episode. “Sh–” is used at least 4 or 5 times. “D-m-” and the Lord’s name are used anywhere from 2 to 3 times. Steven is heard saying, “Everyone chill the F out.” We here one use of bloody.

I really enjoyed this episode and I think that you will too! I am definitely excited for the next episode and will update this post when it is released.

Episode 4: The Tomb

Steven is back in the next episode of Moon Knight. At the end of the last episode, Khonshu was buried in stone. This leaves Steven/Marc without the Moon Knight armor or powers. Steven, who is in control of the body at the beginning of the episode, agrees with Layla that they must get to Ammit before Harrow does. They set off to get to the tomb only to find what awaits them. At the end of the episode, Ammit is found, but after a series of unexpected events, the series has drastically added a whole new level to it forcing the viewer to question what is real and what isn’t.

Steven is seen with a major difference from Marc. Layla says that Steven is honest, which she says is what she needs. This episode puts a lot of emphasis thst we must be honest with one another, which is a good lesson to learn.

We see a lot of gorey violence in this episode. One person is butchered to death on and off screen. We see a mysterious creature stab and pull bones out of the subject’s body.  Some skeletons are also seen in this episode, one of which we see its skull broken and someone shoves his hand down his throat to retrieve something. We see Layla fight a mysterious creature and stabs it in its eye. One person is shot twice.

We see Layla grab Steven’s pants to try to fasten a harness to them and she does this rather suggestively. The two kiss a few times and Marc gets upset because he feels as if Steven is cheating with his wife on him.

There is no drug content in this episode.

We hear some more talk about Khonshu and Ammit, and we hear about how they are gods and what they can do.

We hear 3 to 4 uses of the s word in this episode as well as 1 use of “bloody.” These are the most used cuss words in this episode. However, there is 1 hell and one misuse of the Lord’s name as well I believe.

This episode left many people with lots of questions. Is Khonshu gone for good? Does Steven have a third identity? Who was the character at the end of the episode?  What is real and what isn’t? All these questions hopefully will be answered in the next episode. Please feel free to leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts about this episode. We will review the next episode when it comes out!

Episode 5: Asylum 

At the end of the last episode, we all were so confused about what happened that changed the story completely. This episode helps answer some of those questions. The episode opens with the hippopotamus god explaining to Steven and Marc that they died and are in the underworld.

The hippopotamus god explains that the only way they get to go to the field of reeds is to balance to scales by getting rid of all the secrets that Steven and Marc are keeping from each other. The episode helps Steven learn more about Marc, including how he became Moon Knight.

As they get to know each other better, the scales balance, and they are able to enter the field of reeds, but at a great cost.

As Steven learns about Marc’s dark past he learns why Marc is the way that he is. Steven explains to Marc what happened wasn’t his fault. We also see Marc and Steven fighting for one another and caring about each other, unlike the past. This shows the type of people that we should be.

There was a lot of violent content near the end of this episode, as Steven and Marc battle undead zombie-like creatures. We also see a lot of dead corpses. We also see Marc fatally wounded in a flashback with a lot of blood. Marx is injected with a huge syringe in his neck on camera.

We hear of some Egyptian mythology about the underworld and after life which is taught to be true in this series. We also hear more about Khonshu and how he is an Egyptian god of the moon. He believes that certain people deserve death and makes his avatar, Moon Knight, deliver the justice, even if he doesn’t want to. Marc recalls killing these people and says he wished that someone would kill him.

There is no sexual content in this episode.

There is one scene in which we see Marc drinking to overcome grief but he does not act drunk.

We hear two uses of the s word, 1 use of heck, 1 use of bloody and 1 use of hell. The Lord’s name is misused once.

In the end, this episode answered some of the questions from the last episode but it also brings up many more. I’m excited to see how they end the series. Be warned, however, this episode is definitely one that plays with your emotions more just like episode 1. Oscar Issac does a phenomenal job playing Steven and Marc. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 6: Gods and Monsters

Marc Spector is back in the final installment of Moon Knight. In the last episode, Steven died and Marc was transported to the Field of Reeds. However, Marc does not want to live a life of satisfaction while Steven lies in death. Marc goes to rescue Steven so that they can together fight to defeat Arthur Harrow and Ammit. However, they are unable to leave the afterlife on their own. This is where Layla comes in. In order to bring Marc/Steven back to life, Layla must free Khonshu from his stone statue. Layla succeeds and Marc/Steven are brought back to life by Khonshu and must help Layla, who has become the hippo goddess’s avatar, battle Arthur Harrow who has become Ammit’s avatar. Khonshu must also join the fight by taking on Ammit herself. This episode is truly and epic finale that I highly recommend.

There is a lot of violence in this episode. We see Arthur pull souls out of people. The hippo goddess talks through these dead people. We also see a lot of blood, as Moon Knight fights rather violently towards the end of the fight. We also see one person shot. One person is brought back to life and the bullets that killed him fall out of his body. We also see multiple fist fights as well as some explosions and magic used.

We see Egyptian gods shown as real gods that have power over certain aspects of the universe. Arthur Harrow calls himself a disciple of Ammit and we see people worship Ammit. We also hear about judging people’s souls. The difference between Ammit and Khonshu is that Ammit judges those who will do wrong in the future and Khonshu judges those after they do wrong, and we hear them argue about this.

When Layla becomes the hippo goddess’s avatar she gets a new outfit that shows a lot of skin on her legs, nothing inappropriate, however.

We see no drug content in this episode.

We hear one use of h-ll and one use of the Lord’s name and “bloody” possibly. This episode has the least amount of language in the entire series.

In the end, this series has been a tad confusing as it went along, but in the end, it was a great series. It was awesome to be able to see a Marvel show that did not have any connection to the MCU and it was refreshing. I also want to point out that this series had NO WOKE CONTENT, and it did amazing. Disney should really take this into advisement when they move forward in Disney Plus series that they make. Oscar Isaac nailed the role of Steven Grant and Marc Spector. I hope that we get a season 2 of this series. What were your thoughts? Do you think we will get a second season? Let us know in the comments!

NOTE: Make sure to watch the post credit scene of this episode as it is really important to the story!

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